All Welcome

“The people who work at Beerfarm own Beerfarm. It’s built on grit, determination and the desire to do better.”

Having come from all walks of life and different corners of the world… some from beer, some from good times and some simply from our parents, we are unified in the belief of doing things differently, doing things right: Beer & Business – for the people, for the land, and for the environment. ESTABLISHED FOR THE FUTURE.

“This time, we’re going to do things differently, our way and for the future. We want to build something for everyone to enjoy, a real company with real people built on real values.”

Beerfarm is for people who love genuine experiences. We don’t care who you are, or what you do – Men, women, kids, dogs, all people are welcomed with a smile and a schooner…apart from the kids of course…

Beer for Every Occasion

We make beers for every taste – from smashable lagers and complex IPAs to Sours and Saisons packed with flavour. Some of us love cask ale, others are partial to beers from the barrel – whatever you’re into, you’ll hopefully find a flavour to call your own.

We’re humbled that word of our beers is spreading as our brews gain notoriety across Australia and even internationally recognised awards. Whatever you choose, all of our beers are best drunk fresh, right here in the country air we love so much. If you’re drinking them elsewhere, we transport cold as a matter of priority (Because who likes warm beer?).

If beer is not your jam, we have cider, crafted with fresh Manjimup apples. We pack an eclectic wine list made purely from vineyards in the region we call home and we support Australian spirits producers where we can, but also have a selection from around the world.

When it comes to food, we believe everyone should know the source of the food they eat. We strive to only use fresh ingredients from local farmers, or what we have grown right here on the farm. A whole lot of love goes into the wholesome country food we make for you.

Established for the future

Just like our beer, food and people, our farm is as real as they come – we run a herd of Black Angus cattle who graze the land and eat spent grain from our brewery, chooks and pigs eat scraps from our kitchen, and we compost everything we can. Happy animals make happy eats, and happy land makes tasty produce.

We’re not totally off the grid (yet), but our entire farm runs on solar. We even won an award for our efforts in sustainability. Caring for the land we call home is a no-brainer for us, and we’re always looking for new ways to establish ourselves for the future.

When we’re not making beer or working the farm, we’re creating raucous good times for our beer loving punters – with internationally acclaimed musos, local bands, markets, rodeos and the kind of shenanigans we all love and enjoy.

That’s what Beerfarm is about.

Real beer, real food and genuine experiences, joined together with the kind of real connection that makes life as good as it gets.

Thanks for taking time out to get to know us.